Product Classification
NGB 1+1 Back Up High power Amplifier
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Product description
Huatai NGB5800 is an double cladding Erbium-Yterbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier(EYDFA) with high reliability, full functions, and total output power can reach 40dBm(10W), 128 way optic output, 1+1 power supply back-up, support hot plug. It supports high reliability, full-function application for Next Generation Broadcasting with extra-low noise figure, multifunction design, carrier-grade safe reliability and network management.
NGB5800H, high reliability, 2RU rack, built-in two sets high power fiber optical amplifier, 1+1 power supply back-up, one of them appears breakdown, will auto switch to another back-up amplifier work. It can delay the equipments’ renewal and maintenance time, to ensure the network’s safe reliability.
NGB5800A (1RU), NGB5800B (2RU), without amplifier backup. Reduce the network structure cost.
NGB5800 series, each output port can built-in WDM, applies to single fiber much wave network application of FTTx PON, CMTS and RFoG. It provides a flexible low cost solution for triple play, fiber to the home with efficient space, east-install and reliable.
NGB5800口-W30, built-in 1550, 1310/1490 WDM, applies to FTTx PON (EPON, GPON).
NGB5800口-W23, W29, W26, built-in single fiber dual-wave WDM, applies to CMTS.
NGB5800口-W46, W49, built-in single fiber four-wave WDM, applies to the application of RFoG single fiber four-wave.
NGB5800 series, NxN power output splitter optional, N PCS external inter-cut fiber port, can provide nonuniform VOD inter-cut business for N sets IP/QAM optical transmitter, to satisfy VOD business’s high take rate and bunch planting rate.
Huatai is the famous manufacture of EYDFA. Its EYDFA’s safe reliability have got the endorsement of majority of uses. Our products have batches exported to Europe, North America, south America, Russia etc. Huatai’s EYDFA with high reliability, perfect cost performance, is the best choice of system integrator and operators.
Product features
NGB5800H, high reliability, 2RU rack, built-in two sets high power fiber optical amplifier, 1+1 redundancy back up, automatically switch
Low noise figure ≤5.0dB
Total output power ≥40dBm(1000mW)
2RU carrier output port for optical ≥128
May build-in 1550 & 1310/1490WDM,use in EPON, GPON single fiber three wavelength application
8~64 uplink optical port,used in OLT
8~64 ,1550nm output optical port,multiplex 1310/1490nm data stream
May build-in 1550/1310 or 1550/1660(1590) WDM, used in CMTS single fiber bidirectional network
May build-in 1550、1610(1590) & 1310/1490 WDM,used in RfoG single fiber four wavelengths application
Optional N X N output power of fiber optic splitter ,N external spots of optical sopts, to satisfy VOD business’s high take rate and bunch planting rate
Electrical grade safe reliability and network management
SNMP support remote management and control
1+1 power supply back up,up hot-plug function available
Efficient space,flexible installation
Excellent p/p ratio
Main application
CATV large area coverage of metropolises( Triple-play )
VOD sopts
Main application

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