Product Classification

FTTx PON Optical Amplifier (EYDFA)
Product description
HA5800 series is a low noise, high performance, FTTP high power, multi-ports optical amplifier with gain spectrum band within 1540~1563nm. Each output port for optical amplifier has built-in well-performed CWDM. Every external up-link optical port of optical amplifier can connect with OLT PON port very conveniently. Each 1550nm (CATV)'s output optical port multiplex 1310/1490n's data stream, in order to reduce the quantity of the component and improve the index and reliability of the system.
HA5800 optical amplifier can be compatible with any FTTx PON Technology. It offers a flexible and low-cost solution for three-network integration and Fiber to the Home.
HA5800 has extremely low noise figure, the entire unit adopts twin-stage amplification, and the pre-amplifier adopts low noise EDFA, output cascade adopts high power EYDFA. When input optical power Pin=0dBm, the noise figure of unit is: Typ ≤4.5dB, Max ≤5.0dB Unlike other kind of product which need high optical power input to maintain lower noise figure.
HA5800 optical amplifier adopts the world's top class pump laser and active optical fiber. Perfect APC, ACC and ATC control, excellent design in the ventilation and heat-dissipation ensure the long life and high reliable work of pump laser. RS232 and RJ45 offer serial commutation and SNMP network management port.
HA5800 LCD at the front panel offers the work index of all equipment and warning alarms. The laser will switch off automatically if optical power is missing, which offers security protection for the laser. All the optical port of optical amplifier can be installed in the front panel or back panel.
HA5800 optional two-way optical input (built-in 2x1 optical switches), can be used for self-healing ring network or backup network.
HA5800 with carrier-class reliability and network security management, high quality, high reliability and excellent cost performance and is ideal for system integrators and system operator.
Product Series
Total output power
Number of output
Max output port number
The output port number
OLT output port number
37dBm (5000mW)
41dBm (13000mW)
45dBm (32000mW)
49dBm (80000mW)
Product features
Each output optical port is with built-in high performance CWDM, single fiber three
wavelengths, which can save optical fiber resources largely.
Simplified machine-room links, improve the system reliability, and largely reduce the .
network maintenance cost
Can compatible with any FTTx PON technology: EPON/GEPON, GPON, BPON, DPON
Total output power optional 500~80000 ( 27~49dBm )
Chassis height optional 1U, 2U, 3U, 5U
5U rack up to optional 256 up-link ports, which used in OLT; And 256 1550nm output
optical ports, multiplex the 1310/1490nm data stream.
Built-in low noise pre-amplifier, not necessary EDFA cascade, extremely lower the
CNR, MER degradation of the system
Low noise figure ( Typ ≤4.5dB, Max ≤5.0dB )
Perfect RS232 ,SNMP
Optional dual optical input, built-in 2 × 1 optical switch,can be used for self-healing
ring network or backup network.
Dual power supply optional, 1+1 backup
Can reduce the 98% device space usage
Can reduce the 85% device purchase cost
Can reduce 95% power consumption
Standard RS232 communication interface.
10/100M Ethernet interface supports SNMP and WEB remote network management.
1+1 powers supply back up optional, hot-plug function available
Low power consumption
Excellent P/P ratio in area
Main application
Opto-electrical diagram
HA5800-1x口口口 ( Conventional )
HA5800-2x口口口 ( Built-in Optical Switch )
HA5800 Application reference
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