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Service theory:
Not because how about defeat the rival, but how to meet customer's real demand, offer high-quality services to customer, let in the summit state outside us.
Service aim:
The customer's thing is that the customer of the cardinal task is divided into for the inside customer (the staff of huatai) and outside customer (the consumer and distributor ). Must make one's own staff satisfied at first, " users are right forever " for our commitment, not only refer to the outside customer but also mean the inside customer at the same time. How to reflect " enterprises are the worker "? That is to make the staff satisfied, so we work for inside customer at first. Satisfaction, outside of customer to reach through inside satisfaction of customer too in fact, so we make worker to be satisfied only, could unite as one, unity is strength, make joint efforts to make the outside customer satisfied with.

Outside customer huatai basic necessities of life parents of people, and all work that make wanted we make, it is all for making the customer satisfied to fulfill, customer is satisfied, our work is calculated and done well, effective, profitable. So we will place the customer on the positions of the starting point and the center, will center on the customer's demand, adjust the business administration and operating mechanism, research and develop the products making the customer satisfied, implement customer service of satisfied within , regard huatai of people as surely satisfaction of customer, work for customer wholeheartedly.
Serve the total principle:
Serve total principle "fine, fast, accurate". It is that the whole course served is that users are satisfied to be good; It is the treatment to problem t hat reflects quickly at a fast pace; Must can find accurately quickly origin in question, can't a too much one repeated in user.
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