Product Classification
NGB (Next Generation Broadcasting )
Full C-band tunable (tuning range>35nm)
1550nm Externally Modulated Optical Transmitter
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Product description
Guangtai HT8800 all C band tunable CATV external modulation optical transmitter, is an industry-leading and pioneer product. The tunable range of wavelength: 1528.77~1563.86nm, the adjustable wavelength: >35nm. With the traditional ITU standard wavelength ±0.8nm( ±100GHz ) can tunable, is a completely new concept and application ranges.
A HT8800 including all C band’s useable wavelength, Its database stores 89 ITU standard wavelength channels ( C band 0.4nm gallery interval ). Users can achieve the selection, switch and route etc wavelength management function quickly, accurately. High wavelength accuracy, high wavelength stability, fast tuning rate, perfectly adapt the NGB DWDM system. It’s high wavelength flexibility and replaceability will become the development direction of next generation broadcast television network ( NGB ) external modulation optical transmitter.
The new generation fiber optical communication technology with DWDM nuclear technology should be the NGB’s development direction. The DWDM technology can provide large-capacity backbone network and metropolitan area networks for NGB, while PON ( passive optical network ) should be the mainstream technology of NGB subscriber access network.
The DWDM technology can take full advantage of existing fiber optical resource, large-capacity, the network with high flexibility, economic and high reliability. The wavelength can be convertible and management is the DWDM system’s core equipment of external modulation optical transmitter.
Product features
Full C-Band tunable, tunable range >35nm
0.4nm interval, 89 ITU channels, database storage
ITU cord, Frequency, Wavelength three tunable ways, flexible and convenient
Fleible tunable speed (<20mS)
High wavelength(frequency) lock precision(±0.02nm)
High wavelength(frequency) stability (±0.012nm)
Excellent side mode suppression, high extinction ratio
Low noise, narrow linewidth ( Typ.=0.3MHz )
Excellent system CNR,CTB,CSO index
SBS threshold 13 ~ 19dBm continuously adjustable
The safety reliability & network management of the telecommunication level
High level wavelength flexibility and replaceability
10/100M Ethernet interface, support SNMP, and WEB remote control and management
1+1 power backup, support hot plug-ing
Excellent cost performance
Main application
Next Generation Broadcasting ( NGB )
FTTH, FTTx PON, RFoG, Triple-play
Narrow plug data service as VOD, IP/QAM, etc
Replacing traditional fixed wavelength 1550nm external modulation optical transmitter
Providing highly wavelength flexible and replace ability
As an alternate machine of ITU fixed-wavelength optical transmitter, to reduce the amount of inventory reserves
Fully use of existing fiber resources, achieving network upgrades and expansion
The CATV network with super capacity backbone and metropolitan area networks
Dynamic wavelength configuration, wavelength conversion, wavelength routing
Optical path protection, DWDM line back up
Dynamic optical add-drop multiplexing (OAOM)
DWDM system test
Application cases
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