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Satellite TV & Digital TV 1550nm Externally Modulated Optical Transmitter
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Product description
With the development of satellite TV technology, direct broadcast satellite TV (DBS) develop rapidly with its particular advantage, Digital Video Broadcasting-satellite (DVB-S), Digital Video Broadcasting-terrestrial (DVB-T) and Digital Video Broadcasting-cable competition and fusion be sparked.
Huatai HES-26D series 1550nm external modulation optical transmitter can transmit 47~2600MHz analogue signal and digital signal via one single fiber by frequency division multiplexing. It is compatible with any FTTx PON technology, and provides a complete set of high quality low cost fiber trunk transmission and fiber to the building (FTTB), fiber to the house (FTTH) solution for the direct broadcast satellite TV (DBS) and cable analogue TV (CATV) fusion.
HES-26D has ITU standard wavelength, ±1.6nm adjustable optional. Adopts multi-wavelength application of DWDM system, achieve network upgrade and expansion.
HES-26D adopts narrow line width, low noise, continuous wave DFB laser as light source. It adopts LiNbO3 externally modulated as signal modulated, eliminate chirp of 1550nm laser direct modulated and Huatai independent intellectual property rights of optimize control technical, the key equipments are all world up-level brand. Whole unit equipped perfect RS232 communicate interface and SNMP network management, 1+1 power supply back-up, chassis temperature auto control. The whole unit has high quality and reliability and excellent P/P ratio.
HES-26D-2口口-1550: dual fiber output, 1547~1563nm CATV operating wavelength.
HES-26D-2口口-15口口: dual fiber output, 1528~1563nm ITU standard wavelength, ±1.6nm adjustable.
HES-26D-1口口-1550: single fiber output, 1547~1563nm CATV operating wavelength operating wavelength.
HES-26D-1口口-15口口: single fiber output, 1528~1563nm ITU standard wavelength, ±1.6nm adjustable.
Product feature
High linearity: External modulation technology has no laser chirp, no chromatic dispersion distortion, large extinction ratio.
Narrow line width (<1MHz), low noise, DFB continuous wave laser, be propitious to reduce dispersion.
Be compatible with FTTx PON technique.
Bandwidth: 47~2600MHz, suitable for digital TV and satellite TV.
ITU standard wavelength, user can step ±0.05nm on front panel. In ±200GHz (±1.6nm) range, to adjust and set laser wavelength, suitable for upgrade and dilatation of WDM system and network.
Perfect RS232 communicate interface and SNMP network management.
1+1 power back-up.
Excellent P/P ratio.
Main application
Apply to the exra-long trunk of the central office to transmit analogue (&10CH)and digital signal and IF/SAT.
Pure digital transmission (without dispersion compensation) > 400Km, (dispersion compensation)> 700Km.
Apply to sub-office(sub-head), providing value-added service like high quality analogue and digital TV, satellite direct TV, also the IPTV, VOD to the users in secondary service area, avoid CSO deterioration and distance limitation caused by the laser chirp when adopting 1550nm direct modulation optical transmitter.
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HES-26D optical transmitter electrical schematic diagram
SAT-IF Optical Transmitter - Electrical Schematic Diagram
The application of HES-26D in FTTx PON
SAT-IF Optical Transmitter - Network Application
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