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CATV MSA EDFA (1540~1563nm)
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Product description
With the development of digital TV and the application of value added business such as VOD, optical fiber CATV develops towards high capacity and high bandwidth continuously. Optical fiber dispersion is the main factor that limits the distance of 1550nm fiber CATV system. There are many ways in dispersion compensation. Practice has proved that adopting dispersion compensation module (DCF, DCM) is the most simple, effective and economical methods. The DCF has the feature of high attenuation (ordinary 0.5~2dB/Km) and small diameter of mode field. Generally, the adopted method is post compensation, that is, PA → DCM → BA.
Huatai HA5700, the Mid-Stage Access (MSA) CATV fiber amplifier, is developed and produced specially for the dispersion compensation of over-long trunk. HA5700 is composed of lower noise per-amplifier (PA) and booster amplifier (BA). There is access connector between these two amplifiers and thus the dispersion compensation module (DCM) can be accessed in the mid-stage conveniently. It offers the most simple and effective application.
HA5700P: the output power is adjustable. Users can adjust the output power in the range of -6dB~0dB with ±0.2dB stepping through the button at the front panel and can provide redundancy back up to the system upgrading and aging.
Huatai is the famous manufacturer of EDFA. HA5700 adopts the world's top class pump laser and America OFS erbium-doped optical fiber. Perfect APC, ACC and ATC control, excellent design in the ventilation and heat-dissipation ensure the long life and high reliable work of pump laser. RS232 and RJ45 offer serial commutation and SNMP network management port. The LCD at the front panel offers the work index of all equipment and warning alarm. The laser will switch off automatically if optical power is missing, which offers security protection for the laser. All the optical port can be installed in the front panel (also can be in the back panel if customers specify).
Huatai product, for its high quality, high reliable and high cost performance, is the ideal choice of the system integration and system operation.
Product features
1540~1563nm gain wavelength
Low noise, high performance, high reliability
APC, ACC, ATC controlled selection (HA5700/P)
Standard RS232 communication interface, powerful SNMP network management function
Efficient space, flexible installation and easy operation
Excellent P/P ratio
Main application
DCM in digital TV over long trunk
DCM in AM TV over long optical cable trunk
DCM in single channel or 1~8 continuous ribbon channel (ITU wavelength) over long trunk
Application cases
Opto-electrical diagram
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