Product Classification
Single fiber Bi-direction EDFA
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Product description
HA8000 series, is a bi-directional fiber amplifier with high-quality. It can transmit and amplify downlink and uplink signal on one fiber. It offers an economical solution to network operators when utilizing the existing fiber source, upgrading networks and providing bi-directional VAD business.
HA8000 is a assembled flat form can configured flexible, users can specify downlink and uplink wavelength, downlink and uplink amplifier type (BA, LA, PA), output power, gain and amplifier optical port model according to their requirement.
Product features
Downlink and uplink operating wavelength option:
R/B: downlink Red-Band (1548~1564nm), Uplink Blue-Band (1528~1563nm)
B/R: downlink Blue-Band (1528~1563nm)), Uplink Red-Band (1548~1564nm
C/C: Downlink and uplink are used C-Band (1528~1564nm)
Downlink and uplink amplifier type (BA, LA, PA) and output optical power to choose
Three optical ports mode option: Master, Line, Slave
Perfect RS232 communication interface and SNMP network management function
APC, AGC, ACC controlled selection
Low noise, high performance, high reliability
Excellent P/P ratio
Main application
Single fiber bi-direction DWDM application
Network upgrade and value-added service
Opto-electrical diagram
Optical port mode – Master (021, without monitor port, M21 with uplink, downlink monitor)
Optical port mode – Line 011
Optical port mode – Slave (012, without monitor, M12 with uplink and downlink monitor)
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