Product Classification
1.0µm PM Fiber Amplifier ( PM YDFA )
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Product description
Huatai HAPM1000 is a Polarization Maintaining Fiber Amplifier which worked in 1050~1080nm operating wavelength. Adopt Polarization Maintaining (PM) ytterbium-doped fiber, output optical power range 0.5W~5W, extinction ratio >20dB.
HAPM1000 input and output both adopt single-polarized optical isolator and PM optical component. This equipment is used to ensure the high extinction ratio and the stability of amplified output polarization. Mainly maintained by narrow linewidth, single channel seed laser source‘s power amplification and PM in 1050~1080nm wavelength range.
Product features
Single mode, TEM00 Gaussian spectrum, linear polarization output
Keep single channel seed light source linewidth, frequency stability and RIN
High extinction ratio
Low noise figure
Stable output polarization
High power stability
Single-polarized input/output optical isolation
Input output and echo reflection monitoring function, offer automatic system protection
ACC, APC working mode
RS232 control interface
SNMP network management function, support remote control
Rack-mounted type, desktop type, modular type (OEM) optional
Excellent P/P ratio
Main application
Narrow linewidth, single channel seed laser source regeneration amplification
Laser radar
Optical fiber sensing
Spectral analysis
Coherent detection
Frequency generation
Coherent combination high precision

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