Product Classification
CATV & 4 10/100M LAN
Triple play FTTH ONU
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Product description
Huatai H9122-4FE, is a triple play,FTTH ONU Optical network unit . Products will be a high-performance optical receivers and CATV FTTH EPON ONU, integrated in an ultra-small metal box . Provides high-quality and high-speed data to the user CATV , language, video and other broadband business services . High-performance products , high compatibility and excellent cost performance, today's triple play, FTTH preferred device .
H9122-4FE, built-in EPON ONU, providing users 4 10M/100M LAN ports . Product implementation of the national Ministry of interoperability standards , compatible with multiple manufacturers of EPON OLT, to achieve interoperability .
H9122-4FE, built-in CATV FTTH optical receiver using H9122 . H9122-4FE selected operators in over FTTH networks . Its high performance , high reliability has been widely verified . H9122-4FE can be used to save a large amount of optical fiber amplifier power resource . For operators , can greatly reduce the cost of building the network.
H9122-4FE optical port mode, there are two kinds of selection:
H9122-4FE-SF: single fiber access , built-in CWDM, applicable Triplexer wave 
H9122-4FE-DF: dual fiber access, without CWDM, CATV and data each with an 
optical fiber.
Product feature
2.1 Digital TV optical receiver
1. Ultra-low noise, for analog TV,When Pin =-10dBm, Vo ≥ 69dBμV, CNR ≥ 45dB
2. High receiver sensitivity for digital television,while at Pin =-16dBm, Vo ≥ 64dBμV,
MER≥ 35dB
3. Received optical power over a large dynamic range of +2 dBm ~-20dBm,and have
excellent properties
4. Optical power can save a lot of resources, greatly reduce the cost of network
1. Powerful L2 switching
2. High rate of PON: up and down the line of symmetry 1Gb / s data, VoIP and IPTV
3. For ONU automatic identification, location, configuration, ONU can "plug and play"
4. High quality based on the service level agreement (SLA) accounting (QoS) features
5. Powerful remote management functions and data to support various OAM functions
with a Single fiber.
General Characteristics
1. Metal case, offer safeguard for optoelectronic sensitive devices
2. Low consumption, high performance, high reliability
3. Excellent cost performance in area
Main application
Integration of three networks FTTH PON
Status Indication
CATV ( Received optical power )
Red                                              >+2dBm
Green                                          +2~-13dBm     ( Digital TV : +2~-16dBm )
Orange                                        -13~-16dBm  ( Digital TV : -16~-20dBm )
Red                                              <-16dBm              ( Digital TV : <-20dBm )
PON ( Green )                           Bright : Link, registered normal
Flicker : Links, registration is not normal
LOS ( Red )                                     Off : Normal
 Bright : Device self-test failure
LAN1 ( Green )                        Flicker : Link normal
LAN2 ( Green )                        Flicker : Link normal
LAN3 ( Green )                        Flicker : Link normal
LAN4 ( Green )                        Flicker : Link normal
Power ( Green )                        Bright : Normal
CNR, MER Degradattion table

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