Product Classification
RFoG 4 ways or 8 ways return path optical receiver
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Product description
RFoG6000 series Return Path Receivers are an integral part of two-way RF access networks, converting upstream optical signals into RF signals at the head-end or remote hubs. 4 or 8 independent receivers are packaged in a 1RU 19-inch rack-mounted unit, serving 256 RFoG optical network terminals (ONTs). A low-noise receiver design improves noise performance by 4dB or more over typical return receivers. Low noise enables DOCSIS 3.0. -32dBm receives sensitivity, allow upstream PON-bound design, such as: supporting 32 splitting way in 20km, 64 splitting way in 10km.
Two versions of the Return Path Receiver are available. Models with front and rear RF ports fit the cabling requirements of both head-end and remote installations. All receivers are temperature-hardened, allowing installation in any network environment including outside plant sites where temperatures are not controlled. SNMP management along with front panel controls complement the features that optimize the Return Path Receiver for head-end and remote installations.
Product features
4 or 8 low noise optical receiver, up to -32dBm receive sensitivity.
Support 256 RFoG micro-node transceiver
Compatible with any technology of FTTx PON: EPON/GEPON, GPON, BPON, DPON
Support DOCSIS 3.0, upstream bounded with PON design
Optical link pre-budget: supporting 32 splitting way in 20km, 64 splitting way in 10km.
Support CW or burst mode operation
1200~1620nm band wavelength
SNMP network management function
RF output level can be adjusted by network
Built-in 1+1 backup power, redundant A/B inputs
Good performance of resistance to temperature, allow -40~+65℃ operating temperature
Simple mode, 19" 1RU mount, contain 4 pcs of independent optical receiver
Excellent P/P ratio
Main application
256 RFoG
Test result
Flatness (Test equipment: HP8753D)
Return loss (Test equipment: HP8753D)
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