Product Classification
HR2071A, HR2071B
HFC 7 ways return path optical receiver 1 way reverse optical transmitter
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Product description
HR2071 series of HFC seven-way return path receiver, one way reverse optical transmitter, mainly used at the head-end to convert upstream optical signal to RF signal at the user side. Moreover, send back the data at sub-HE to main head-end through one way of DFB return path transmitter. Eight independent units integrated into a 1RU 19" casing to provide service for HFC network terminal of ONTs. The receivers’ low noise design of -22dBm receive sensitivity, allow to supply service to farther distance.
There are two versions of this receiver. HR2071A with LCD on the front panel, HR2080B without LCD. All receivers are temperature tolerance type can be installed in any network surroundings including out-door type. Both of these two types can adopt SNMP function, which can control the front panel to realize optimization work at the head-end and remote installment.
Product features
7 low noise optical receiver, up to -22dBm receive sensitivity.
One way return path transmitter can send back the data at sub-HE to main head-end.
1200~1620nm wide wavelength
SNMP network management function option
RF output level can be adjusted by network
Built-in 1+1 backup power, redundant A/B inputs (option)
Good performance of resistance to temperature, allow -40~+65℃ operating temperature
Simple mode, high density, 19” 1RU mount, contain 8 pcs of independent optical receiver and optical transmitter
Excellent P/P ratio
Main application
HFC network sub-HE
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