Product Classification
C-Band Separate Dispersion Compensation Raman Fiber Amplifier
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Product description
Erbium-doped optical fiber amplifier (EDFA), because of the ASE and the accumulation of spontaneous radiation noise caused by many cascade connections, will reduce the Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) greatly in system receiving end and thus limit the transmission volume and the non-transceiver distance.
Raman Fiber Amplifier (RFA) utilizes the optic gain in the Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) in the optical fiber and realizes the amplification of the signal optic. FRA, with very low equivalent noise and a wide gain scope, can further widen the gain bandwidth by adopting multi-wavelength optical bump, which represents the development direction of the new optical fiber amplifier.
Huatai DRA5228/F is a separated optical fiber Raman Amplifier. It adopts built-in negative dispersion DCF as gain medium. In the system, it can realize the concentration amplification of the optical signal. It's especially suitable for over-long trunk that needs high dispersion compensation.
Product feature
Low noise figure and flat gain.
High negative-dispersion figure
High dispersion compensation
High switch gain.
Perfect laser APC, AGC, ATC closed-looped circuit ensuring long life and stable operation of the pump laser.
Adopts famous Fitel Raman pump laser.
Different gain suits for different network.
Main application
Extra-long trunk that needs high dispersion compensation.
Fiber CATV system , extra-long trunk that is inconvenient for building relay station.
            Relay distance > 60Km.
            Single span distance > 80Km.
DWDM, CATV extra-long trunk optical transmission system.
Submarine optical transmission system.
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