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OFSW - 1 × 8
Optical Fiber 1×8 Switch
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Product description
OFSW- 1×8 is a 1×8 prism optical switch. It can support 1 optical fibers input and 8 fiber output, channel switch. Wide operating wavelength range, low insertion loss and speedy switching rate, can use network trends configuration, network monitor and lab application.
OFSW- 1×8 has three operator mode:
1,  Manual mode:
Through interface and network, proceeding gallery switch real time, fiber route, wavelength management etc.
2,   One way or circulate automatic scanning:
By setting time series, proceeding single way or circulate automatic scanning, as network detection.
3,  Automatic mode:
Automatic selection channel that accord with users’ requirement (eg: power range).
OFSW- 1×8 has 19” rack and 2U desk-type two chassis appearance, 2U desk-type applies to lab application. LCD located at front panel provide all unit’s working parameters and current operator scheme. RS232 interface and RJ45 ethernet interface, for SNMP, remote management and control.
Product feature
Wide wavelength range
Low insertion loss
Low polarization-dependent loss
Fast switching speed
Low switch cross talk
User-definable thresholds and hysteresis
User-selectable revertive and non-revertive
SNMP supporting remote management and monitoring
High stability & reliable
Main application
Network Monitoring and Switching
Network Protection and Restoration
Instrument, Testing and Measurement

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