Product Classification
Electric Mode Manual variable optical attenuator
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Product description
VOA230 voltage-controlled manually variable optical attenuator, use adaptor type optical connector, is featured as portable, succinct, and low cost. Compared with mechanical manually variable optical attenuator, VOA230 is characterized by high reliability, avoiding mechanical damage. The attenuation value can be changed and set by turning the regulation resistance, dynamic range 20~30dB. It can be applied flexibly to system which requires adjustable optical power and lab test.
Product feature
Continuously adjustable, 20~30dB dynamic range
High resolution
Compared with mechanical attenuator, VOA230 is difficult to be damaged
Succinct, cost-efficient
Thermal stability
Portable, easy to use
Main application
Receiver input power adjustable
EDFA output power adjustable
Optical power equalization
System testing
Laboratory application
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