Product Classification
950~2400MHz   DVB-S
4 ways SAT-IF CWDM Optical Transmitter & Receiver
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Product description
Huatai HDBS-4000CW series is integrated 4pcs of SAT-IF CWDM standard wavelength optical transmitters with optical receivers in a casing. Through CWDM, Transmitter 4 ways optical multiplex (TX) or demultiplex (RX) through one fiber. It can be well used in transmitting a satellite VL, VH, HL, HH different polarize 4 way SAT-IF signal. It can be easily operated.
CWDM (rough multiplex) adopts 20nm channel isolation. 1270nm~1610nm have 18 wavelength. It can transmit 18 way optical signal in one fiber through WDM. Because of without regular EDFA amplifier, it is used in small range of satellite data optical distribution to transmit satellite L-Band optical link.
HDBS-4000CW1, CWDM built-in. 4 way optical signal be multipleted or de-multipleted in the chassis and then input (RX)or output (TX) through a SC/ APC which in the front panel or back panel.
HDBS-4000CW4, without built-in CWDM, 4 way optical signal through front panel or back panel's 4 SC/APC to input or output
Adopt outside CWDM-16, can transmit 4pcs HDBS-4000CW4's 16 way signal through a fiber. It can be used in transmitting 4 satellite different polarized 16 ways SAT-IF signal.
HDBS-4000CW series optical transmitter, all of them adopt high linear, no cooling DFB laser, direct modulation. Improved laser APC control to guarantee laser's high living and high reliability operation. TG type optical transmitter with built-in high linear AGC amplify. TO type without IF amplify inside, allow high level input.
Product feature
Adopt CWDM standard wavelength, can transmit 18 way SAT-IF signal through one fiber.
1RU standard casing, integrate 4pcs SAT-IF optical transmitters with optical receiver.
HDBS-4000CW1, built-in CWDM, multiplex 4 way optical signal through optical fiber.
HDBS-4000CW4, without built-in CWDM, 4 way optical outputs (TX) or 4 way optical inputs (RX).
Adopt built-in CWDM-16, can multiplex 4pcs HDBS-4000CW4's with 4 different polarized satellites'16 way SAT-IF optical signal in one fiber.
HDBS-4100 adopt 1RU standard casing, front penal LCD can provide situation display, standard RS232 communication interface, SNMP network management.
HDBS-4200adopt small size metal casing, wall-type, easily connected Multi-switch to STB
High linear, with isolation DFB laser, CWDM standard working wavelength.
950~2400MHz working bandwidth.
TG type optical transmitter (standard configuration), built-in high linear AGC amplify.
TO type optical transmitter (can choose configuration), without IF amplify inside´╝îallow high level input. It can be used high level output L-Band demodulation.
All the 4 way optical transmitter can supply +13VDC or +18VDC to LNB.
Electromagnetic resistance, RF, high thunderstorm static resistance.
Easy installation and application.
Excellent P/P ratio.
Main application
Satellite building optical fiber distribution.
Ocean steamer optical fiber distribution.
Satellite L-Band up/down optical fiber link.
Product Series Comparison Table
Network application (P2MP)
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