Product Classification
950~2400MHz   DVB-S
4 ways SAT-IF & 1 way CATV DWDM Optical Transmitter & Receiver
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Product description
Huatai HDBS-5000DW series is putting C-Band ITU standard wavelength 4 SAT-IF and 1 CATV transmitter or optical receiver into a 1RU 19" standard chassis. Multiplexing 5 optic (TX) or de-multiplexing (RX) through DWDM, and transmit in one fiber. Can be used for high-quality transmission of the same satellite VL, VH, HL, HH different polarization of the 4-way SAT-IF signals and 1 way CATV signals. Installation flexibility.
DWDM index. One fiber can transmit 40 multiple optical signals in C-Band, 100GHz channel space. Can use EDFA amplifier to achieve long-distance, wide range FTTH, and compatible with every FTTx PON technique. Achieve DBS and Triple-play amalgamation.
HDBS-5000DW1 build-in DWDM. After 4 SAT-IF signal and 1 CATV signal multiplexing/de-multiplexing in the equipment, then input (RX) or output (TX) through a SC/APC in front panel or back panel.
HDBS-5000DW5 no build-in DWDM, 5 optic signal input or output through 5 SC/APC in front panel or back panel. Adopt external DWDM, can be multiplexing or de-multiplexing the 17 ways optic signal of 1pcs HDBS-5000DW5 and 3pcs HDBS-4000DW4, and transmit through one fiber. It used in transmitting 4 satellites different polarization of 16 SAT-IF signals and 1 CATV signal.
HDBS-5000DW optical transmitter adopts ITU wavelength can be tuned high linearity, with cooling DFB laser, direct modulated. High performance wavelength tuning and control circuit steadily then the working wavelength of the laser can be adjust and stabilize control in the range of ±1.6, and output power adjustable function adapt with DWDM. Perfect laser APC, ATC control circuit assures long life and high credibility working of the laser. CATV adopts pre-distortion compensation RF AGC drive circuit. SAT-IF with high linearity IF amplifier circuit of AGC adjustable, TG type. Also can choose no IF amplifier TO type. TO type allows high power level input.
Different CATV network of signal sources, transmission distance, the system of indicators demand is not exactly the same. HDBS-5000DW designed specifically for CATV four kinds of internal configuration model, can be adapted to different applications.
Product feature
Adopt DWDM,C-Band,100GHz,ITU wavelength,transmit 4 ways, 8 ways,16 ways, 32 ways SAT-IF optical signal in one fiber.
Can use EDFA to achieve long distance and big range FTTH.
Compatible with any FTTX PON technique. Triple-play compatible with DBS.
Can choose four internal configuration models to adapt different CATV network application.
1RU standard chassis, combiner 4 SAT-IF and 1 CATV optical transmitter or optical receiver.
HDBS-5000DW1, build-in DWDM. multiplexing 5 optical signal and transmitter in one fiber.
HDBS-5000DW5, no DWDM build-in, 5 ways optical output (TX), or 5 ways optical input (RX)
Adopt external DWDM can be 1 set HDBS-5000DW5 and 3 sets HDBS-4000DW4 with different polarization of the 16 SAT-IF and one way CATV optical signals of four satellites multiplexed in a fiber and transmit.
HDBS-5100DW adopt 19" standard chassis, LCD in front panel provides situation display and fault diagnose, standard RS232 communication interface, SNMP network management function.
HDBS-5200DW-RX adopt small size metal crust, convenient for connect Multiswitch to STB
HDBS-5200DW-RW apply FTTx PON, seamless link with EPON, GPON's ONU
High linearity, with cooling DFB laser, 1550nm ITU wavelength ±1.6nmcan be tuned
Optical transmitter output power 0 ~ -3dBm adjustable, apply to DWDM
CATV optical transmitter with pre-distortion compensation and AGC control
SAT-IF optical transmitter, can choose with AGC high linearity IF amplify circuit, TG type. Also can choose no IF amplify TO type. TO type allows high power level input.
4 ways optical transmitter can supply +13VDC or +18VDC to LNB.
Strong ability to anti-electromagnetism, RF and thunderbolt
Agility and convenient for install and use.
The most excellent performance to price ratio in this industry.
Main application
Multi-channel satellite SAT-IF and CATV signal over long distance and large area optical fiber distribute system
Second-stage service area (substation, sub head end) CATV compatible with multi-channel satellite SAT-IF
Product Series Comparison Table
Network application (P2MP)
Application cases
HDBS-5000DW Internal configuration frame
Since the standard single-mode fiber dispersion in the 1550nm window and the direct modulation chirp effect each other, it will have a serious deterioration in analog CATV application, so limiting the CATV transmission distance. In order to meet different network applications, HDBS-5000DW has four kinds of internal configuration modes to CATV signal source and modulation methods.
D type: CATV adopt direct modulate
Optical transmitter build-in 5sets DM-TX used for SAT-IF and CATV. Analog CATV service radii could choose 5km, 10km and <15Km. (DTV QAM: 40KM.)
E type: CATV adopt external modulate
Optical transmitter build-in 4sets DM-TX and 1set EM-TX, 2RU rack. Because of CATV adopt external modulate the limited of transmitter distance canceled. It can be used in head-end and large service area. External modulate optical transmitter can choose HT8520, HT8516.
O type: CATV optical signal input through exterior
Optical transmitter build-in 4sets DM-TX, no CATV-TX. CATV optical signal input through the SC/APC connector in the panel, after multiplexing with inside DWDM then output. This CATV signal may be is the signals in the sub-head end transmit from the head end. It applicable to sub-head end in the full optical relay.
Q type: CATV input through exterior, add one set DM-TX which is use VOD of IP/QAM
Optical transmitter build-in 5sets DM-TX, 4sets used for SAT-IF, 1set use for IP/QAM (VOD), CATV optical signal input through external, then multiplexing with inside DWDM-106 (6 wavelength) then output. It applicable to sub-head end in the full optical relay.
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