Product Classification
HDS-55S ( 950~5500MHz )
4-Band SAT-IF Overlay Direct Modulated Optical Transmitter
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Product description
Huatai HDS-55S series 1550nm wide band micro-wave internal modulation optical transmitter, RF working 950~5450MHz.It cam It can transmit multi( stacker) 4 way SAT-IF signal in one fiber to realize two polarized 4 way SAT-IF signal in one satellite。or 4 way SAT-IF signal in different satellites to convert all of them into one fiber.。Through FTTH,users use ordinary satellite receiver and STB to receive satellite video carrier the integrate TV programs. It can supply high quality of satellite TV service up to 3000 SDTV or 600 HDTV channel.
HDS-55S working wavelength can be chosed 1310nm and 1550nm. 1550nm can choose ITU-T standard wavelength to fit for DWDM system application. 1550nm working wavelength can choose EDFA. It can compatible with FTTx PON technology.Realize satellite TV, cable television, internet integration of three networks.
HDS-55S adopt high linear bandwidth micro-wave DFB Laser. Excellent laser APC, ATC control, perfect SNMP, RS232 interface, 1+1 power supply backup. High performance, high flexibility, high reliability and excellent performance price ratio. It is the best choice for subscribers.
Product feature
950~5500MHz RF operating bandwidth.
It adopts frequency-division multiplexing (FDM), and can simultaneously transmit 4-way SAT-IF composite signal 4× (950~2150MHz) through one fiber.
Reach up to 3000 SDTV or 600 HDTV channels to be used at subscribers end at the same time.
1550nm selectable ITU-T standard tunable wavelength, suitable for DWDM systems applications.
Can use EDFA、YEDFA,can compatible with any FTTx PON.
High linear bandwidth micro-wave (microwave)DFB Laser.
All electronic adjustable.
Level MGC control .
Telecommunication-grade security and reliability and network management
SNMP support remote management and control
1+1 power supply back up,up hot-plug function available
Excellent P2P ratio.
Main application
Satellite-TV FTTH
CATV, satellite-TV, Internet, Triple-play
Other 900~6000MHz microwave wideband application.
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HDS-55S electric theory diagram

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