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SAT-IF Direct Modulated Optical Transmitter
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Product description
Huatai HDS-26S (original model: HDBS-3000TX) series satellite L-Band optical transmitter, adopts high linearity DFB laser and direct modulated way. It can transmit 950~2600MHz L-Band analog or digital satellite signal (SAT-IF) receiving by satellite aerial radio high frequency head, to realize total transparency, high quality, long distance transmission through optical fiber. It also can sue satellite L-Band up/down link.
Optical operating wavelength of HDS-26S is optional as 1310nm or 1550nm.
1550nm optical transmitter, ITU standard wavelength can be selected, suitable for DWDM to realize network-upgrading and capability-expansion. It can work together with EDFA, YEDFA to amplify the optical power. It can be compatible with any FTTx PON technology.
HDS-26S series, covering essence of satellite L-Band optical fiber link in present market. Various specifications and performances and excellent cost price advantage provide more choose space for carriers. Flexible network organization is solution of the lowest cost price in present market.
HDS-26S has various wavelengths and lasers to select.
HDS-26S-1-口口-A1310: 1310nm with cooling DFB laser.
HDS-26S-1-口口-A1550: 1550nm with cooling DFB laser.
HDS-26S--1口口-A15口口: Cooling DFB laser, C-Band ITU wavelength adjustable.
HDS-26S-口-口口-B1310: 1310nm non-cooling optical isolated DFB laser.
HDS-26S-口-口口-B1550: 1550nm non-cooling optical isolated DFB laser.
HDS-26S-口-口口-B1口口口: CWDM wavelength non-cooling DFB laser.
HDS-26S has multiple performances to choose, suitable for different scale network application.
HDS-26S-1-口口: 1RU 19" Standard frame, the working parameters of the unit is controlled by micro-processor. LCD on the front panel can display the working status and failure diagnosis. Standard RS232 communication interface, SNMP function. It is suitable for application of engineering degree.
HDS-26S-2-口口: Desktop, the minimum size in the field.
HDS-26S-3-口口: Wall-mounted (aluminum alloys die-casting).
HDS-26S-9-口口: Rain-proof, convenient for outdoor install.
Product feature
Various specification and performances, covering essence of satellite L-band optical fiber link in present market.
950~2600MHz operating bandwidth, transmitting all satellite L-Band analogue and digital signals.
Optical wavelength: 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM optional, supply the biggest output power in the field.
Laser type: A type (cooling), B type (non-cooling) high linearity, optical isolated DFB laser optional.
TG optical transmitter (standard type), build-in AGC linearity amplifier.
TO optical transmitter (type optional), build-in no IF amplifier, VOH input allowed, suitable for VOH output L-Band externally optical transmitter.
Perfect laser APC, ATC control electric, prove long lifetime and high reliable work.
Optical transmitter can supply 13VDC or 18 VDC to LNB.
It realizes automatic switchover between main and spare link by choosing RF Switch (HRS-201) or Optical Switch (HOSW5000).
Capacity of resisting electromagnetic, radio frequency, thunderstorm.
Excellent P/P ratio.
Main application
Satellite L-Band building fiber distribution system
Ocean steamer satellite fiber distribution system
Satellite L-Band uo/down fiber link
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HDS-26S optical transmitter electrical schematic diagram
SAT-IF Optical Transmitter - Electrical Schematic Diagram

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