Product Classification
WD1616/R, WD1616/B
L-Band Red/Blue-Band Pass MWDM
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Product description
WD1616/R, WD1616/B is based on mature thin film filtering tech, with wide bandwidth, flatness, low insertion loss and high isolation. It is mainly applied to the combination and separation of L-Band, Red-Band (1589~1603nm) and Blue-Band (1570~1584nm).
WD1616/R: Red-Band Pass.
WD1616/B: Blue-Band Pass.
Product feature
Low insertion loss
High channel isolation
High pass band flatness
High stability and reliability
Optical link without epoxy glue
Main application
Optical fiber amplifier
System monitor
Optical fiber instrument
Laboratory R&D
Exterior dimension
S exterior
WDM - S exterior
WDM - S exterior
M exterior
WDM - M exterior
WDM - M exterior
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