Product Classification
EATV5100-FM05           (125×150×22mm)
Single-Channel   Full Function
Standard Booster EDFA module
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Product description
The EATV5100-FM05 standard Booster EDFA module provides high power, high reliability, and superior optical performance in an industry standard form factor. This product enables deployment fo flexible, high-density optical networks, while reducing capital and operating applications' requirements. This module is ideal for today's highly dynamic networks and cost sensitive market.
EATV5100-FM05 Full Function Booster EDFA Module adopts Standard Versions for Single Channel and Narrowband. The EDFA includes a cooling pump laser, input monitor and input isolator, output monitor and output isolator, and a reel of optimized erbium-doped fiber. These components are contained within a standard 125×150×22mm package.
A user-friendly 25-pin interface is included to enable the device to communicate with control electronics.
Product feature
Industry Standard Form Factor (125×150×22mm)
Output power up to 27dBm
Internal photodiodes to monitor input and output power
Standard Version for Single-Channel or Narrowband amplification
Low cost
Main application
Long-Hual and Metro Networks
Single-Channel (SDH/SONET) or DWDM networks
Wevelength Add/Drop and optical Cross Connect Power Equalization
Transmitter and Receiver Amplification
Digital CATV
Amplet for long-hual networks
Switch matrix
Power equalization and pre-emphasis
Functional diagram
A: No heat radiator.
B: Heat radiator.
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