Product Classification
HR8236, HR8253
Economical Type Self-heal Circle AGC Optical Receiver
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Product description
HR8236, HR8253 are economical type forward path AGC optical receivers. Their technical performance and index are the same as HR9236, HR9253, except without 20-segment output level indication and network management interface.
Product feature
Optic AGC
The working parameter is controlled by microprocessor and showed by display screen.
Dual optic is receiving. Switch full-automatically.
Casing temperature is auto-controlled.
Dual power supply inside backup. Switch full-automatically.
Intuitional RF output level display.
Product series
HR8236 Output Level: 96dBμV (0dBm Receive)
HR8253 Output Level: 113dBμV (0dBm Receive)
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