Product Classification
HR9236, HR9253
Full-function Top-class Self-heal Circle AGC Optical Receiver
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Product description
Guangtai HR9236, HR9253 builds in two ways optical receiving. When one way is out of work, it will automatically switch into the other way that is heat backup circle design. This series products adopt full-function and top-class designation, so it is suitable for high-end subscribers.
Product feature
Optical AGC
The working parameter is controlled by microprocessor and showed by display screen.
Dual ways optic receiving. Switch full-automatically.
Dual power supply backup, Switch full-automatically.
Intuitional RF output level display.
Product series
HR9236 Output Level: 96dBμV (0dBm Receive)
HR9253 Output Level: 113dBμV (0dBm Receive)
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