Product Classification
TS stream optical transceiver
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Product description
Huatai OD2000 digital fiber transmission system is designed and produced specially for long transmission and network construction of DVB DTV TS stream. OD2000 can modulate the MTS program signal (coming from the 1~8 ways separate multiplexer at the head-end generator room) to FMTS optical signal high-speed code stream. It is an important device to transmit TS stream between DTV head-ends.
OD2000 adopts CWDM or DWDM to realize multi-channel MTS stream transmission, which is featured with full transparent, no loss, good quality, and excellent reliability.
Product feature
Pure digital procedure, full-transparent transmission.
Follow SMPTE259M standard, support DVD-ASI(270Mb/s).
Compatible HDTV high definition DTV signal.
Flexible network construction, point to point, point to multi-point (start/tree structure).
Long distance transmission. When point to point and no relay, it can transmit for 80km. When there is multi-relay, it can reach thousands of kilometers.
Main application
Transmission and switch of DVB-TS code stream signal between CATV head-end s generator room.
Transmission and switch of digital program between CATV center bureau and each sub-bureau.
Transmission of digital program at CATV station, program making and broadcasting center.
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