Product Classification
Digital video/audio/data optical transceiver
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Product description
Huatai OD3000B digital series optical transceiver, adopts digital video coding technique and WDM technique to satisfied user's multipath digital video, audio, data, ethernet's long distant high quality optical fiber transmission because of its full-found. This model of optical transceiver including single fiber one way digital video, single fiber 64 routes video, 128 routes audio and data uni-direction and bi-direction complication.
OD3000B optical transceiver can transmit the camera audio/video signal, camera and tripod head control data as well as other control function to central control room from remote end by optical fiber. It can be widely used in the remote monitoring, video conference, video medical, remote education and other systems of public road, traffic, industrial and mining, community ect.
Product feature
Adopt 10Bit digital video coding, can reach the transmission quality of secondary broadcast video/audio.
Automatically compatible PAL/NTSC/SECAM video mode.
No cross interference of analog frequency modulated/amplitude modulated optical transceiver.
24 digit PCM digital audio coding.
Data supports the interface of RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Manchester, power switch signal, 10~100M Ethernet and so on. Besides, it has main data communication protocol.
Multi-mode 0-5Km.
     Single mode:0-20Km, 0-40 Km, 0-60 Km, 0-80 Km, 0-100Km.
0Km application, unsaturated and no need to modulate
Support cascade type self-heal circle net function.
Third grade anti-thunder technique.
Flexible network construction, module cassette chassis, independent structure or standard 1U casing optional.
Main application
Video, audio transmission system of CATV.
Highway, traffic monitor, and communicate system.
City community intelligent monitoring, communicate system.
Market, industrial and mining area, electronic safety monitor system.
Military communicate system.
Campus network, video conference, medical treatment video system.
Status indicator
POWER --- Lighten when power turn on
LOCK --- Receiving lock indicator, lighten when establish the correct link with transmit leg, to show receiver data
DATA --- Data indicator light twinkle when serial data level used for communications change
LINK --- Lighten when IP network connects in the right way.
SPD --- IP network communications rate, 100M --- lighten, 10M --- extinguish
DUP --- FDX --- lighten, semiduplex --- extinguish
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