Product Classification
Dispersion Compensation Optical Fiber Module
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DCM Optical Ffiber Module
Product description
ITU G.652 standard single-mode fiber has dispersion in C-Band, the typical value is 16.6ps/nm Km dispersion. Dispersion limits the transmission distance of 1550nm optical fiber system and the available bandwidth.
There are several methods of optical fiber dispersion compensation. Practice proved that the dispersion compensation fiber module (DCF, DCM) is the method is simple, the most economical, effective. It can not only effectively extra dispersion compensation of standard single mode fiber, dispersion slope compensation can also be 100% standard single mode fiber.
Huatai and DCM-G.652-C-Fxx dispersion compensation fiber module, is negative dispersion compensation based on optical fiber technology, can effectively compensate for G.652 standard single-mode fiber transmission band of 1525 ~ 1565nm dispersion and dispersion slope characteristic.
Product feature
Adapt to standard single mode optical fiber G.652, 1525~1565nm transmission channel
Excellent dispersion compensation feature can eliminate the influence to system’s index, because of residual dispersion
G.652 100% C band dispersion compensation fiber
Dispersion compensation value range is 10~120Km optional.
Low insertion loss
Low polarization mode dispersion
Excellent performance price ratio
Main application
G.652 standard single mode fiber, 1525 ~ 1565nm wavelength range and chromatic dispersion slope compensation
DWDM system in the long distance, the long distance fiber link
CATV long trunk
Long distance optical fiber link, satellite, microwave
Application cases

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