Product Classification
Dispersion Compensation Optical Fiber Module
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DCM Optical Ffiber Module
Product description
Huatai DCM-G.655-C-Fxx dispersion compensation fiber module is designed for single mode optical fiber G.655 C band, dispersion and dispersion slope compensation for wide band, the system optimized residual dispersion. The PCVD module based on optical fiber technology is mature and reliable, can improve the performance of optical transmission system.
Product feature
DWDM system wide band dispersion compensation and low participation dispersion channel
G.655 100% C band dispersion compensation fiber
Dispersion compensation value range is 10~200Km optional.
Low insertion loss
Low polarization mode dispersion
Excellent performance price ratio
Main application
Big effective area of G.655 optical fiber long and Metro Communication System
DWDM transmission system
CATV cable TV system
Dispersion adjustment
Application cases
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