Product Classification
Four outputs FTTB CATV optical receiver
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Product description
Huatai B9428 product series, 47~862MHz operate bandwidth, output level Vo=88dBμV ( Pin=-2dBm ), suitable for FTTP optical fiber access network, which is a low power consumption, high performance, and excellent cost performance RFTV broadcast network ONU(Optical network unit).
This series of product adopts high sensitivity receiving tube and Huatai special low noise matching circuit Under 3.8% modulation, when transmitting in full channels and with receiving power of -10dBm, the CNR can still reach high index of 45dB. Therefore, if adopting B9428, it is only need very low optical power to reach 45dB CNR required by the user.
The product built-in RF inter-stage gain adjustment. All receiving optical power in the range of +3dBm to -12dBm has good linearity. According to different receiving optical power, the user can choose high CNR and suitable output level.
B9428 optical port have following three modes:
B9428/NC: RFTV operates in 1210~1600nm wavelength.
B9428/WF: built-in channel filter, RFTV operating in1550nm wavelength.
B9428/WD: built-in CWDM, RFTV operating in 1550nm wavelength, reach
GEPONONU through 1310/1490nm wavelength.
Product feature
Extra-low noise (3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45dB)
All receiving optical power in the range of +3dBm to -12dBm has good linearity
In the range of 47~862MHz, all have good flatness (FL≤±1.0dB)
Built-in inter-stage gain adjustment, can choose high CNR and suitable output level according to different receiving optical power.
Four-way high level output, can supply service for more users
Zinc. die-casting all-in-one metal shell, supply safeguards to opto-electrical sensing device
Low power consumption, high cost performance
Main application
Application cases
Status indicator
Input optical power status indicator : ≤-13dB                               LED off
+3dBm ~ -12dBm            Green
+3dBm                               Red
Power supply indicator: Turn on                       Green
Turn off                        LED off
Matters need attention
It has good characteristic when the receiving optical power is in the range of +3dBm ~ -12dBm.
When the receiving optical power is in the range of +3dBm ~ -2dBm, it can obtain high system CNR, on the condition that per output level of built-in PAD is adjusted to ≤ 88dBμV (all-channel transmission) to guarantee the system distortion index.
When receiving optical power ≤-3dBm, in order to gain high output level and cover more users, the attenuation value of the built-in PAD can be adjusted to minimum.
The RF is four-port balanced output, and is not access to the system output port. It should be connected to 75Ω fictitious load. (Options).
It is easy to be maintained because of adapting outside adaptation power. Its power output voltage is DC+12V+1Vand working electricity is 500mA.
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