Product Classification
Low power SNMP AGC FTTB Optical Receiver
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Product description
Huatai BGL2000 product series, is a low power consumption, high index, with SNMP network management, AGC, full function FTTB optical receiver. 2000 series' shells are structure compact aluminum wall hung ( without rain-proof ), RF interface horizontal output, Nixie tube displaying parameters. RF Overlay interface can be optional for IP/QAM and EOC insert, also can used for local program insert.
BGL2000 series have many kinds of configurations can be optional:
1. RF output port number: BGL2150, one output port 110dBμV
BGL2246, two ports 106dBμV output
BGL2442, four ports 102dB μ V output
2. PD operation bandwidth: BGL2000-47, 47~1050MHz
BGL2000-88, 88~1050MHz , RF Overlay:5~65MHz
3. BGL2000- 口口 / 口 -N with SNMP, can using for remote management and control
4. BGL2000- 口口 /F- 口 with RF input port, can using for IP/QAM or EOC insert
5. BGL2000- 口口 / 口 - 口 -WD with CWDM, can using for FTTx PON ' s single fiber multi wave application
Product features
Work bandwidth: 47~1050MHz
Excellent AGC feature: Pin: – 7.0dBm~+2dBm , Δ Vo : ≤± 0.5dB
Low noise ( 3.8% modulation, -8dBm receive, CNR ≥ 46dB )
High level output 110 dBμV
Output level ( Vo ) and slope(EQ) can continuation adjust(By 1dB step)
RF output port: 1way , 2ways, 4ways can be optional
RF Overlay interface can be optional for IP/QAM or EOC input
BGL2000-88, applies to 5~65MHz low frequency EOC inter-cut
SNMP network management optional, can achieve remote management and control
Nixie tube displaying all kinds of technical parameters of the overall unit and IP address ( revisability )
Adapts MMIC Amplifier, low power consumption <6W
The industry's most excellent price performance
CNR、MER Degradation Chart
Functional block diagram
BGL2246-88 / F-N-口口-SA    ( Standard configuration )
BGL2150-口口 / F-N
BGL2246-47 / O-N
BGL2442-47 / O-N
Function dispaly and operation

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