Product Classification
Low power SNMP AGC FTTB Optical Receiver
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Product description
Huatai BGL1000 product series, is a low power consumption, high index, with SNMP network management, AGC, full function FTTB optical receiver. 1000 series’ shells are aluminum wall hung (without rain-proof), Nixie tube displaying parameters.
BGL1000 series have many kinds of configurations can be optional:
1. Operation bandwidth: BGL1000-086 operation bandwidth 47~862MHz
 BGL1000-100 operation bandwidth 47~1050MHz
2. RF output ports:BGL1240, two RF output ports, each 100dBμV
BGL1144, one RF output port, with 104 dBμV
3. SNMP network management can be optional(BGL1000/N), and can achieve
    remote control.
4. Built-in CWDM can be optional, multiplex 1310/1490nm data stream
5. Built-in power supply or external power supply can be optional, external power supply
    is convenience to repair.
Product features
Excellent AGC performance: Pin:–7.0dBm~+2dBm,ΔVo : ≤±0.5dB
Low noise(3.8% modulation, -8dBm receive, CNR≥46dB)
Output level and slope can continuation adjustment
High level output: one output port 104 dBμV ( AGC,PAD=6dBm ), max output level
110dBμV (PAD=0dBm)
Two output ports 100 dBμV ( AGC,PAD=6dBm ), max output level 106 dBμV (PAD=0dBm)
SNMP network management optional, can achieve remote management and control
Nixie tube displaying all kinds of technical parameters of the overall unit, convenience to
    construction and adjustment
Adapts MMIC Amplifier, low power consumption
The industry’s most excellent price performance
CNR、MER Degradation Chart
Functional block diagram
Function dispaly and operation

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