Product Classification
9912 (Two Outputs)
9924 (Four Outputs)
Bi-directional Transmission Platform
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Product description
With the development of digital TV, distributed uni-directional network of former broadcast will develop towards communicational bi-directional crossed network. Guangtai 99 series bi-directional transmission platform adopts plug in structure when installed its functional components. Along with the development of network value-added service , it can be updated at spot by plugging or pulling easily.
9924 optical receiver, its end-grade function part adopts 2 pieces of power double modules. It offers 4 ways RF output. User can choose branch output or distribution output by Z112 or D204.
Key components
Duplexer: FLT-35/47, FLT42/53, FLT-65/87
Return path transmitter modules: 9930 & 9950
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