Product Classification
9982 (Two Outputs)
9984 (Four Outputs)
Extra-low Receiving Transmission Platform
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Product description
The construction of CATV cannot be finished in one time. With the users increasing, people always hope to stretch the optical fiber for several kilometers or farer on the base of the former optical nodes network. The general solution is adding higher optical power to these nodes or making passive distribution on previous nodes directly in order to save the cost. But the receiving power on these two nodes will be very low and the common receiver can't reach ideal system indexes.
Therefore, the problem is how to maintain the index of the new added nodes without enlarging the optical power or changing the network structure. By adopting Guangtai9982, 9984 extra-low receiving power bi-directional receivers, this problem can be resolved economically and efficiently.
Huatai 9982(two outputs) optical receiver adopts advanced GaAs HBT ic technology, and makes the noisy power very low. When the receiving power reaches -6dBm, the system CNR is still above 50dB.
9984 four outputs extra-low receiving optical receiver, its end output port adopts 2 pieces power. Double modules that can supply 4 ways RF output.
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