Product Classification
Four Outputs Optical Node
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Product description
Huatai Optical node is the earliest manufacturing that adopts AUGAT aluminum die-casting to make 4 ports optical communication platform. The platform is gradable and has become the main device that widen HFC subscribers access network. It is widely used in FTTB, FTTC. Its RF output is driven by one power-doubling module. It can be installed with 2 receivers, 4 transmitters and 2 power supplies (main and back-up ), which can improve the system redundancy.
Product feature
Large Aluminum housing with die-casting technology, surface passivation, good performance in heat-conducting, antismog.
Separated 4 ports with high output level, each port can be managed remotely.
Standard SNMP. Built-in responder. Remote management and configuration.
4 separated return channels can be configured with reverse noise restrain (tri-status switch), controlled remotely.
The forward channel can be configured with 2 Optical receiving modules as redundant standby and dual optical receiving.
4 return path Optical transmitting modules are optional, adopting CWDM to return in single fiber.
Dual back-up power supply optional, anti-surge. High reliable ability in anti-thunderbolt and anti-surging.
Circuit block diagram
9940 Optical Node - Circuit block diagram
Product series
9940-101(1 receive, 1 power)
9940-111(1 receive, 1 transmit, 1 power)
9940-121(1 receive, 2 transmit, 1 power)
9940-222(2 receive, 2 transmit, 2 power)
9940-242(2 receive, 4 transmit, 2 power)
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