Product Classification
WLA4200-FM05 (125×150×20mm)
Line EDFA Module
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Product description
Huatai WLA4200-FM05 series is a gain flatness line EDFA Module which is specifically designed for C-Band 44 channels optic transmission system. It adopts the most excellent optical performance, the most advanced electronic control technology and the most complete software functionalities; it is featured with wide working wavelength range, low noise and excellent gain flatness. WLA4200-FM05 is mainly installed in middle of transmission line, replacing the traditional relay, to compensate the optical power loss in the line and extend the optical signal transmission distance
WLA4200-FM05 adopts the world's top class pump laser; advanced electronic circuit and low consumption design, greatly reduced the heat power consumption of complete equipment. Perfect APC, ACC and ATC control, ensures the long life and high reliability work of pump laser. RS232 offer serial communication. The laser will switch off automatically if optical power is missing, which offers security protection for the laser.
WLA4200-FM05 adopts 125×150×20mm chassis size; signal unit +5VDC power supply.
Product features
Wide working wavelength: 1529.16~1563.86nm
Accord with the communication technology requirements of 44 channels DWDM system
Excellent gain flatness feature (GF<1.0dB)
Low noise figure
Standard RS232 communication interface.
Low power consumption.
Excellent P/P ratio in area.
Main application
44 channels DWDM system
Long distance trunk network
MAN or access network
All kinds of SDH/PDH transmission system
Opto-electrical diagram
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