Product Classification
WBA4100-FM05 (125×150×20mm)
Booster EDFA Module
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Product description
Huatai WBA4100-FM04 series used 125 x 150 x 20mm MSA standard , is a digital control circuit of DWDM power amplifier function module. Products using the most excellent optical properties, electronic control technology and complete software function is most advanced, wide wavelength range, low noise, excellent gain flatness characteristics and transient characteristics. Application for C-Band 44 wave or the 88 wave of DWDM system.
WBA4100-FN05 has two kinds of function versions are available:
1. Standard version: provides a fixed gain control mode (FGA), the pump current control mode(ACC)
2. Enhanced version: In addition to the standard version with the control functions, increasing the variable gain control mode (VGA, AGC), Variable output power control mode (VPA, APC).
WBA4100-FN05 enhanced version, for DWDM systems, providing a flexible, high-performance, low-cost networking applications.
Product features
With Digital Control Electronics (Full Function )
Wide working wavelength: 1529.16~1563.86nm
Accord with the communication technology requirements of 44 channels DWDM system
Excellent gain flatness feature (GF<1.0dB)
Excellent Transient feature
Low noise figure.
Standard RS232 communication interface.
Standard package (125×150×20mm )
Low power consumption,Wide operating temperature range
Excellent P/P ratio in area.
Main application
44 channels DWDM system
Metropolitan and access networks
Optical Add/Drop and Cross-Connects
Software Function monitoring and alarm
Function, Monitoring, Alarm 
Standard version
Enhanced version
Functions In-Service Firmware Upgrades
Auto Shut Down
Fixed Gain Mode ( FGA )
Variable Gain Control Mode ( VGA, AGC )
Variable output power control mode ( VPA, APC )
Pump Current Control Mode ( ACC )
Pump Maximum Working Current limit Protection
Total Input Power
Total Output Power
Pump Status
Module Temperature
Loss-of-Signal Alarm
Moduel Temperature Alarm
Pump Temperature Alarm
Pump Bias Alarm
Opto-electrical diagram
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