Product Classification
WPA4300-FM02 (70×90×15mm)
C-Band DWDM Full Function
Pre EDFA Module
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Product description
Huatai Huatai WPA4300-FM02 series with 70 × 90 × 15mm MSA compact package, is a digital control circuit with DWDM full function preamplifier module. Products using the most excellent optical performance, the most advanced electronic control technology and comprehensive software features, has a wide operating wavelength range, low noise, excellent gain flatness characteristics and transient characteristics. Suitable for C-Band 44 or 88 waves DWDM system applications.
WPA4300-FM02 has two kinds of function versions are available:
1. Standard version: provides a fixed gain control mode (FGA), the pump current control mode (ACC)
2. Enhanced version: In addition to the standard version with the control functions, increasing the variable gain control mode (VGA, AGC), Variable output power control mode (VPA, APC).
WPA4300-FM02 enhanced version, for DWDM systems, providing a flexible, high-performance, low-cost networking applications.
Product features
With Digital Control Electronics (Full Function )
Wide working wavelength: 1529.16~1563.86nm
Accord with the communication technology requirements of 44 channels DWDM system
Excellent gain flatness feature (GF<1.0dB)
Excellent Transient feature
Low noise figure.
Standard RS232 communication interface.
MSA compact package (70×90×15mm )
Low power consumption,Wide operating temperature range
Excellent P/P ratio in area.
Main application
44 channels DWDM system
Metropolitan and access networks
Optical Add/Drop and Cross-Connects
Software Function monitoring and alarm
Function, Monitoring, Alarm 
Standard version
Enhanced version
Functions In-Service Firmware Upgrades
Auto Shut Down
Fixed Gain Mode ( FGA )
Variable Gain Control Mode ( VGA, AGC )
Variable output power control mode ( VPA, APC )
Pump Current Control Mode ( ACC )
Pump Maximum Working Current limit Protection
Total Input Power
Total Output Power
Pump Status
Moduel Temperature
Loss-of-Signal Alarm
Moduel Temperature Alarm
Pump Temperature Alarm
Pump Bias Alarm
Opto-electrical diagram
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