Product Classification
VGA4500-FM06 (130×212×19.5mm)
C-Band DWDM VGA Module without MSA
Next-Generation Variable Gain EDFA Module
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Product description
Huatai VGA4500-FM06 series is a next generation variable gain optical amplifier module, which with the most excellent performance and most completes functions in the market. It adopts nowadays most excellent optical performance, most advanced electronic technology and most complete software functions. Remarkable transient suppression control technology and heat management control technology let many complicated optical functions achieved. It is the most versatile multifunction optical amplifier in the market.
This next generation variable gain amplifier module is composed with two stages amplifier: variable gain pre-amplifier (PA) and variable gain booster amplifier (BA). The gain of these two stages amplifier can be independently set in a certain range. There is a connector between the two stages amplifier, which used for mid-stage access, such as optical Add-Drop module (OADM), dispersion compensation module (DCM) and others optical modules.
VGA4500-FM06 adopts 130×212×19.5mm (including heat sinks) ultra-thin appearance; signal unit +5VDC power supply, low consumption.
VGA4500-FM06 is a device without Mid-stage Access, which according with various communication technology requirements of C-Band 44 or 88 channels DWDM system, widely used in long distance and ultra-long distance transmission network. Since its complete functions, it can be used as line amplifier, pre-amplifier, booster amplifier.
Product features
Nest-generation Variable Gain Amplifies Module
Without Mid-stage Access Version
Accord with the various communication technology requirements of C-Band 44 or 88
channels DWDM system
Adopt latest total integration electronic transient control technology
Adopt digital control technology which can adapt to heat management
Saturation large output power optional: 18dBm, 20dBm, 23dBm, 24dBm
AGC, APC, ACC working mode
Optical monitoring channels optional: OSC Add/Drop
Carrier-class security and reliability
Ultra-thin appearance 130×212×19.5mm(including heat sinks)
Low power consumption
Excellent cost performancce in area
Main application
Long distance and Ultra-long distance network among the cities
Line amplifier, pre-amplifier, booster amplifier
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